All worship services are at 10:30 am (Drive-In or Sanctuary) beginning Sunday November 1, 2020. The Ohio County Risk levels determine whether we will offer drive-in worship or indoor worship:

Drive-in Worship in Parking Lot broadcast on 87.9 FM.

    • Lorain County Risk Level 1 or 2 (Yellow or Orange): we will offer limited capacity in-person worship in the sanctuary. Reservations are required; all persons aged 2 and older are required to wear a mask.
      (Worship will be broadcast to the parking lot on these Sundays as well for those wishing to drive up and listen from their vehicles on 87.9 FM)
    • Lorain County Risk Level 3 (Red): we will offer drive-in worship in the parking lot at 10:30 am on 87.9 FM.
    • Lorain County Risk Level 4 (Purple): Online worship only.
    • Online worship services will continue on YouTube:  
    • Go to “Worship Services ” tab and select the  service you want.

      We will celebrate Communion on the 1st Sunday of each month. Please remember to bring your own communion elements, whether we are driving in or worshiping in the sanctuary.

Thanks for stopping by.  Columbia UMC is a vibrant, generous and  mission oriented church that cares deeply about our community and the world.  We are friendly and open and have wonderful children’s programs and passionate worship services.  If you are looking for a church home, or even just a place to visit, please come.

Columbia United Methodist Church
25453 Royalton Road
Columbia Station, Ohio 44.08
Phone 440-236-8822

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Secretary : Pat Balcziunas    E-Mail:

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